My Response on How You're Gone

Many years ago someone in my life passed away and some of his belongings were given to me. One of the things I chose to keep was a piece of scratch paper that in the corner had the beginning to what seemed to be an unfinished poem. 8 years later I created four poems, each dealing with something different while still following the original lines that were left behind. (They all begin with his original 4 lines). Now many yrs later, now that I've healed more, I'm ready to share them one by one

Hey beautiful girl,

What's got you

So twisted deep inside

Are you so labored and pristine


I'm twisted,

Like a knot that never came undone

Eight years of twisting and pulling

Shut in, closed off

Trying to forget

 Hoping it was all some cruel joke

Hoping for one more chance to have some better last memory

To untwist the knot


That can't happen

I know the truth

Even if I try to forget it

The past is in the past

But I still hurt

 I hurt at the sound of your name

I hurt when I see all the reminders that you were once here

I hurt when the memories come flooding back

I don't want to hurt

I want to remember all the good things

To smile at the mention of your name

I want to accept reality

I want to stop suffering

The End

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