Heroes of the Hospital

This poem is in celebration of Nurse's Week, a tribute to all those who work in the medical field's frontlines.

For the men and women who serve as nurses,

These verses are for their unsung servitude.

Despite the long shifts they still stand, stalwart and strong.

Fighting a never ;ending throng,

Of insidious injuries and parasitical plagues.


Against bruises and broken bones they battle,

No matter how gruesome, they will not be rattled.

Wielding gauze and cast, they fearlessly fight.

And pave their patient’s path to recovery.


They alleviate all afflictions and dispel disease,

They will not let germs do as they please.

They select the solution to the symptoms

And become a blessed buffer for those who suffer.


With their nerves of steel,

They prove their true mettle in times of trauma,

With no commas no pauses no breaks

They make every effort to protect the lives at stake.


Despite the sensational care they grant,

These medical monoliths are often taken for granted

But those who do so are sorely mistaken.

And that is why I write these lines,

For the people behind the scenes.

For the heroes of the hospital.

The End

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