Painful fighting.

On my ass again, another

beating taken.

Blue pill or red.

My choice to make.

Red: I stay to take punches.

Blue: I escape to a better place.

A quick death, no more pain.

Pills can't help,

throw them away.

I don't do drugs,

they get in the way.

Clouds my judgement.




Say it in threes.

Center myself,

find inner peace.

Surrounded by jocks, bro-mancing.

and I'm they call Nancy?

"Stand when you fall", Dad used to say.

Guess he didn't take a daily dose

of fists to the face.

The rage I feel,

contained behind my ribs.

If it escapes, I will kill.

I hold it in.

Blood an bruises left at the end of the day.

I'm their canvas, for painting

a nerd sacrificing, for others

like myself.

Beyond my best judgement,

I'm still here.

The End

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