The last time we held each other

Backs warm in the summer sun

You promised you would always be there for me

Even if the states separated us by hours

And there weren't always enough minutes in the day to say hello

In your arms I cried as you hushed me with your reassurance


The first time that I met you was an accident

The first time you made me smile was your first save

The first time you asked what was wrong you gave me minutes

And the first time you didn't have to ask I should have known


They say time goes by in an instant

But time didn't matter

And the first time again was like retracing old footsteps

Finding old memories

And what was once the blindness of youth was replaced

Because I finally came to know


So the first time I noticed you were chipped

Was like being broken myself

The first time that I realized your being had somehow become warped

I saw the future

And the first time the word "ill" married the word "legal"

I knew it came true

But you promised it was only liquid

And you were still sturdy and wiped my tears

You were still the boy I knew

Even if some things new replaced the old

You were my biggest savior even if you'll never know


You'll never know because the warm sun against our backs was indeed the last

And a summer since has come and gone

Empty inboxes, to feed empty words

But time changes the paths we walk

And yours and mine are no longer intertwined


Yet still I worry that one day my phone will ring

And when I answer that call you'll be gone

Because I know your life is all ups and downs

And I know that the "I" in illegal

The word you adopted so long ago

Is now capitalized

I know you've done what has  been called the "devils dance"

And I know that scares me

Because if you trace our individual paths back far enough

They meet and make tangles and loops

And within the first loop where they met

Is the reason I'm scared now

Because even though those roads, that loop they're old

It doesn't change the fact that I love you

And I don't want to see my hero fall

The End

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