Inspired by a song, a move, and a friend. We used to have everything.

Take me back.

Take me back to that strangers bed.

Tail end of August

no sheets, all alone. 

Clutching the song in my hand,

repeating itself, 

reminding me of what used to be.

Tears voluntarily trickled down my cheek.

The longing and the lust,

the wish for what never could have made it.

So close, 

I could almost feel it.

It was almost innocent.

But it clawed, 

it tore away the remains of who I was then,

leaving no trail, never

allowing me to look back.

A cold palm pressed to my back, 

urging me forward.

Another fastened around my neck,

dismissing my ability to look back in awe.

Heavy feet stomping at my heels,

I had no choice.

Forced on, forced on

without you.

We were best friends.

Two and a half hours of teasing, smiling, and joy.

Five days a week.

In the boring rooms, 

and the boring halls,

and in our boring lives. 

But we made it shine.

It shined onward,

in those boring halls.

And somewhere it still does,

I'm sure of it.

Because things like that don't just die away.

It's inevitable.

One day I will escape, 

and I'll come back. 

We will have the life we've always imagined

because we are too strong,

and despite everything holding us apart,

god knows there is always a flaw in the system. 

The End

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