Her(Loving an Idea and Being Friendzoned)

This is about a girl that I had a crush on in high school. She taught me the definition of "Friendzone" because I initially thought it was when a girl just rejects you because she doesn't find you attractive.
I soon discovered that it is when someone is attracted to someone but still doesn't like them as more than a friend. I was infatuated with her for quite a while until I realized this and that I also friendzoned a lot of people too. Now we are good friends : )


Am I in love with you? Or the idea of you?

It's just hard to put this feeling into words cause it's just a feeling. You just feel it.


It's strange cause we're so close, sitting side by side, but we worlds apart.

I'm trying to understand this but it's foreign.

We're two magnets, repelling yet attracting each other.

You got me feeling infatuated but it's burning out like it's saturated.

I thought we could be something.

I guess I made something out of nothing.

I took that something and made it worth everything.

Stand for something or fall for nothing.

But what if that something was worth nothing.. to you.

What if it was just my imagination?

You got me going crazy.

These pictures and love songs are trying to enslave me.

I wished upon a shooting star that you would eventually see But

It crashed on Earth and I'm just trying to pick up the pieces.

The pieces of my heart that you broke.

My heart says yes, my mind says no.

Now I'm on a crossroad with nowhere to go.

Now we're both Frozen, like Elsa we got to let it go.

But forgetting someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew.

You Think about it you Dream about it.

I just had these expectations in my fantasy.

Then reality hits and I realize it's the end of me.

A moment of ecstasy becomes melancholy in a heartbeat.

Caught in Cupid's arrow, bleeding love out of my seat.

Cause I tried to stab at the dark and not get hurt.

Double sided dagger, thinking I'm holding the knife, but I got stabbed first.

Yet, I still have a Crush on you like.. Damn

The End

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