Here's to Another Plateau

trigger warning: depressive thoughts

please forgive for not thinking ahead

the only sounds in my head are the words you’ve never spoken.

i’m on my way but you dragged me to the side

to remind me of all the demons that are stored inside my mind.

who knows what’s for the best,

for me, for you, for him,

the only thing i know for certain is it’s anything but this:

aching in my wrist,

not wanting to exist

still crying, wish i was dying, should i replay the list?

you seem to forget 

how dangerous i am when i’m alone

i’m starting to think rock bottom is my one true home.

i know that my methods of comfort are a bit twisted,

clean for 58 days, lord knows i’m still addicted.

i’m not looking for apologies or someone to forgive

right now all i really need is a reason to live.

don’t give me empty words, 

don’t tell me that it gets better.

if you really care, prove to me this pain won’t last forever

The End

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