Here we sit

So here we sit

gazing into each other's eyes

Your hands are clasping mine

So why can I feel you holding my heart?

Hold it gently, darling,

but don't let go.

And here we sit

in our bubble of bliss

There is total silence

So why is the air filled with singing?

Sing along, darling,

and don't stop.

Love, here we sit

in Luxury's palace

The room is dark

So why is there blinding light?

Shine brighter, darling,

and don't be shy

Wow, here we sit

enveloped in warmth

There are no books

So why is there poetry in my head?

Don't let it end , darling,

don't let it cease

And here we'll sit

absorbed by each other

We're both wide awake

but we'll always be dreaming.

Keep loving me, darling,

don't let us die

The End

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