you threw up in paris i didn't tell anyoneMature

thoughts on love

let’s  choke down

some “i loved you

head over handle bars, before the

brakes and mouth full of blood

i swore we were

flying” kind of


Some kind of you, green eyed
poet smoking a Red

“i hate your favorite book but i love that

you have one”

I think we’ll light up and I’ll leave him now

and we will live some

red wine on the corner of my

mouth to match the

bruises on your neck
Vacation in Paris

Don't Talk About Your Mother Unless She Fucked You Up

kind of life

kind of love.

you asked me to

i told you absolutely

hiding behind my arms but

you saw me

naked last night

tongues and skin and

“touching you is like touching art and i ripped the canvas”

(i love you that much)

and lavender lace and

is this his?

i’m pretty comfortable with

where my

moral compass left me,

i’m never left alone for


The End

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