Here I Stand

This I wrote after college because that same dumb question was asked: What are you going to do with your life? What are you going to do after college? Where are you going? So in retaliation, this poem.

Here I stand with no direction

No forward or backward motion.

Should I walk aimlessly

Until I find something,

Or should I move forward with a plan?

It’s so easy to say that

A plan sets one in motion.

But why should this hold true

Of one who has no plan?

Someone who has a purpose but

No planned course of action

So as to leave options open?

Why should the

Only (positive) motion be

Forwards? Why not oblique?

Here I stand defiant –

Defiant of others’ expectations

Refusing to move forward

But not stepping back

Standing strong and building –

Creating a foundation so that

Wherever I go, I have something

Behind me.

Something I know I can depend on.

So there I will be…

The End

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