Here I Go

Another one of my high school poems. I wrote it for and gave it to the hottest girl in the grade.Unfortunately, 'twas not good enough.

Here I Go

Here I go, I now begin, though I’d be dreaming if you accept
Even so, Something within is screaming and I just can’t reject

It’s been haunting me for quite a while
And I know romance is out of style

Still I’ve really wanted to ask
Believe me, it’s no easy task

I wanted to tell you how I felt
And that when you pass by, I just melt

When you look at me, It’s a heart attack
Though I can see ,that you’re not smiling back

I had tried to hide, God knows I’ve cried, You know it’s no use
My heart beats strong, it waits so long it can’t take more abuse.

I had tried to write this poem and orchestrate it
Yet sadly, all it did was make me more frustrated

People have tried to question my affection
They did it with disdain
Don’t even try to question my affection
my heart’s the one to blame
So, now that you know, here I go

Here I go
Here I go

The End

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