Here I am

I've been feeling particularly down lately, and this was my attempt to figure out all these feelings.
I don't really want my first piece on here to be a sad one, but why not! Feedback is very much wanted.

Here I am

Here I am dressed in dark

Waiting for the light

Unwilling to find it

Here I am without a voice

Waiting to talk

Unwilling to

Here I am screaming on the inside

Waiting for someone to hear

Unwilling to speak

Here I am drowning

Waiting for someone to save me

Unwilling to swim

Here I am in loneliness

Waiting for  someone 

Unwilling to see them

Here I am a little girl

Waiting to grow up

Unwilling to let go

Here I am independent

Waiting to rely

Unwilling to trust

Here I am sad

Waiting for happiness

Unwilling to notice

Here I am



The End

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