Here, but Not Home, for Christmas

To all those whose dear ones are here for Christmas...but they aren't truly home.

Tinsel and the angel on top of the tree
And presents all wrapped up for me
And you're here, but you're not home

In the center, Jesus wrapped in a manger
But truly, things couldn't be stranger
You're here, darling, but you're not home

"I'll be home for Christmas," you said
But your tone was flat, your voice was dead
You came here, but you never came home

Where is the Sweet One I used to know
The one who danced with me in the fallen snow
You're here, but why aren't you home?

What I wouldn't give for the real you
The best Christmas present, come true
You're here, but you're clearly not home

Vacancy clouds your hazel-eyed glance
Each lie you tell is another stab

And all I wanted was you home for Christmas...

The End

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