Here are the words from our soul.Mature

In this poem,it says the wordless cry of the little soul who died in the war.In Pakisthan, one school.before some days.

Wards fall on the floor, from where they go to attain their destination and to prosper the hopes of future. Their goals and thoughts erect by their little heart. To which, extermist flashed out rifle. Bloods flows out are the tears of heart for assassinating the hopes. And their soul says "Dear brother, why did you kill us . We are so young to leave this world. And we didn't gaze on the whole world, to which we want to dwell. You kill us ,kills our destination, Kills our parents hopes and tomorrow's great chaps. The day you kills us were a story with a despair ending. In which, hero lead to fail. And the day you kill us is Just similar to a nightmare for the world. First, A sound of rifle came. Our legs and hands starts trembling. Later heart beat, which symbolize the speck of death. "Hide below the bench" is the last sentence we heared from our teacher. By hearing this , our mind weeped. By deliberating that we couldn't hear any more. And our eyes hope to gaze on our cleverful parents at this last moment of life, who gave birth to dwell in this world. And what we dreamt, extermist bring to naught. Then rifle flashed out with a loud report. Then our cry got stuck due to this. The pain is tremendous. Now we can hear only one thing, that is from almighty god "Come back my dear, Come back..............".
The End

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