Right Here

We had to write a poem including the underlined words, which are all taken from the poem of the same name- written by Philip Larkin without reading his original- luckily mine is slightly less depressing than the original!

Here is where the poppy seeds gracefully ascend.

Here is where my blood and the surrounding heat cool down. 

Here is where it feels like all existence ends.

You don't feel anything, no need to smile or frown. 

I wouldn't call it loneliness, its just unnoticed,

Its frail and weak but at the same time not.

This is a place that you never knew you missed. 

It is forever barely remembered just not quite forgot.

Let the shadowed hidden corners of your mind

drown in the luminously and untalkative  sea.

Stop them from caring and becoming kind. 

Just be nothing, be vast, be free.

Crawl from under the water onto the beach.

Look up and over a space unfencedisolate.

Look how the weeds are tall and the leave peach. 

Now to the other side how the wheatfields tell your fate.

Suddenly your heart and mind and self being begin to thicken. 

You feel still nothing, still empty or maybe just neutral.

You stomach and hope slowly crumple and you become sicken.

Take two steps before this frail and weak mind starts to fall. 

The End

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