A poem that expresses the tip of the iceberg of how I feel lately

I stand here in darkness
Daemons clawing at my flesh
Their venom spills into my soul

I have fallen here this day
My eyes bleed into my soul
My ears deafly scream in pain

I part with my world here
And here my heart shall take it’s last beat
Last knock to never awaken my soul

Here my sorrows sit and I beside them
Music of melancholy breeds the bliss
I sway to the rhythmical beat

Here the truest of my nature has grown
A tree with countless branches
Withered by the everlasting draught

Here the cold wind dances
The dark spirit of memories long since forgotten
He vanishes with the last of suns rays

And night settles over the land
Torturous dream that can never end
I stand here in my darkness

The End

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