Her Over Me

It's about the man who chooses the one who he is compatible with, but has no real connection. Someone who doesn't deserve him, even if I couldn't have him.

You chose faith and innocence.

To restraint yourself rather than to express.

With no awareness of this,

you begin the false transformation

of your inner being.

You would rather hide your desires,

than to reflect and expand them.

You would choose comfort 

over passion.

Familiarity over the unknown.

Simplicity over complication.

The naivete over the realist.

The options over the possibilities.

You chose the spark

over the fire.

Warmth rather than heat.

To stay within the horizon,

rather than beyond its borders.

To see the offer

that is waiting to be taken. 

Instead you chose what was in your reach.

What was within sight.

You chose her over me.

The End

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