her new side.

they're seeing a new side of her
this girl that they thought they understood;
her happy exterior is coming off in chunks,
exposing a new sort of woman.

she is angry sometimes,
not angry at anyone specifically;
just frustrated by the situation,
expressing her pain for the first time in years.

yes, she has her scars
but that's all they are;
slowly fading reminders
of wars fought and battles one.

she's developed a bit of a potty mouth, you see
so contrary to the way she was raised;
but she's not confined by expectations anymore
she'll raise hell when she wants to.

she says what she feels for the first time in years,
even if it's not what people want to hear;
she is finding breathing room
in the places that she had boxed herself in.

but you also have to understand,
she's sick;
not so much sick in the head
as sick in the heart.

she knows that her choices before
all but killed her;
and for the first time in a good long while
she knows that her heart wants out.

she wants to live and breathe and laugh
and know what freedom is again;
there's a little girl inside who went away too soon
just aching to resurface.

and so she'll pick and peel and pry
at the fading chunks of facade;
she's climbing out of her self created cages
and stretching her wings like it was her first time.

if you ask her what changed
she'll smile and warn you that her language won't be pretty;
but all she wants is to be able to enjoy
a DAMN cup of COFFEE every now and again.

The End

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