the words on the page
sent conviction to her heart
and the concepts in the book
caused a type of introspection
that was sort of painful
and seemed to bring up more questions than answers

she'd sung the lines
"Ancient Words, ever true
changing me, and changing you"
so many times but they'd gotten caught
somewhere between her head and her heart
they'd gotten mixed up and rerouted

and so she opened up her bible
the pages too pristine to show real use
and picked a place that was hard to read
because it brought up all of the wayfarings
scattered around in her heart
and she wondered if everyone ever felt this way

so she got looked at with scorn
by some who'd felt the conviction and run
and she was idolized by others
seemingly too afraid to take the plunge
but really she was just another person
trying to listen to her call
at least sometimes.

The End

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