Her FuryMature

Her fury like fire burns right through me
Her words slice at me like a thorned whip--
snapping at me, wounding my pride.

Betrayal and anguish darken her eyes
Hurtful words are thrown at me like daggers
skillfully targeted to carve out my heart.

Something in me breaks, shatters like glass.
Something takes over my shell and all
I can do is watch as this creature seeks retribution.

And, then, it is over, the creature is gone.
And, then, I see an image most grotesque.
And I feel what I never thought I'd feel.

Her body is being held against me,
Redness coating my face, my clothes, my soul.
This was the creature's revenge, its retribution.

A scarlet puddle forms around us, embracing us,
Like a long-lost lover--
Like the body in my arms.

I sit there for a moment, basking in emotion.
Then I stand, letting her body crumple.
I smile, turn on my heel, and let her fury die.

The End

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