Not At AllMature

A year has come and gone,
Near, glum and fawn.

Of verses passed;
He is her fiancé to vow,
She is his fiancé to sow.

And with the actress,
She and I did not impress,
Each other's hearts that digress.

And of the love I know I've felt,
To a friend I went and knelt.
She cared, she listened.
I dared, and tears glistened.
Her love is what they call shame,
So as the mind to torment and maim.
Of the unrequitable kind I bore!

Love me not, for I am man.
Cruelest creature this land to span,
Vilest oppression we forcefully embrace,
Inequality as mode, oh so is our disgrace.
Sinister to the intrinsic code!

I speak to not just another at present;
One I cannot have, and the other who has.
To them is an affection that I resent,
Thus I call it more than shame!

A cold wind caresses my face
Where the tears refuse to fall,
Where love will refuse to call,
Where emotions only brawl!

This ceaseless, fruitless chase,
All three bound by inhibition,
Infidelity as illicit extradition,
The siren's song for a lover's culling.

I don't reckon you'll beckon!

I speak not to the one,
Whose dirty, vulgar word is nun.
Get thee not to a nunnery, I say!
Chauvinism; thy name is Hamlet,
Chauvinism; thy name is man.

Though you both agree,
This much I must plea,
For the sake that my excessive disdain,
Is requited with even an ounce of such pain.

I hate you as much as I can.
As much as I possibly can!

As much as your hair is brittle,
As much as your skin is rough,
As much as your mind is little,
As much as your beauty is gruff,

As much as your eyes are dull,
As much as your thoughts are null,

As much as your touch is unwanted,
As much as your face is unsightly,

As much as your words are uncaring,
As much as your art is undaring,
As much as your sympathy is acrid,
As much as your memories are venom,
As much as your truths are acid,

So much more than you hate me,
I hate you so.
And thus, I hate you not at all.

This is not the love that they call love.
Nor is it the love that they call shame.
For magnanimous as it is there of,
This is the love to which they give no name.

The End

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