Her Beauty is Most Pure

A love poem that I wrote for a girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend).

Her Beauty Is Most Pure


Her beauty is most pure

Freya is jealous at the sight of her, Aphrodite turns fiery green.

It would be a great sin to shun her powerful allure

With free-flowing earthen hair and eyes serene

She casts her spell of attraction on my feeble mind.

The flowers bend to soak up her heavenly light, and the birds sing her songs

Her voice captures my soul and leaves my heart entwined.

This angel should know that she belongs

Here on Earth where I can feel her touch.

Every moment spent with her is better than the last

I anticipate her warm and soft embrace so much.  

The looks of this beauty are vastly unsurpassed

Elizabeth is a blessing to the human race

Whom I believe is more than just a pretty face.


The End

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