Anne BoleynMature

I saw her there,

sitting demurely,

but in her eye I saw that sexy glint,

I'd seen in my own eyes.

I watched her walk on her own

in the garden of my great home,

and disregarded all the rules.

I left descreetly.

Followed her.

We made love under the trees,

she fought for her own,

was my equal, my match,

I fell in love with the idea of her,

was rid of the winter, and chased after the spring.

She married me,

and that night I took her,

I felt her move,

touched her until her breasts hardened,

and she gasped.

A baby girl.

My firey red hair.

Then one more lost.

A mistress, then another.

Then there she was.

The one, I was sure.

And the witch was gone.

A quick swish.

Swipe, gone.

And my life continues.

The End

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