Help me find What I Hide...

a release... take it as you will...
please comment and share your thoughts and feelings

I sit with these passer-byes

sometimes left with abandonment

on the way a little resentment

and then a lonely hitch-hiker

that travels along

most times it's easy to part ways

and then the lingering blue

sometimes come to stay

not for long, maybe a day or two

Oh, my friend, let's just have a cuppa ...

my mind needs a vacation from all 'ts

over analyzing imagination

creating and breaking

breaking and creating

Want some biscuits with your tea ?

I hear... or at least I try to

listen to your wise voice

directing the truthful choice

and somehow at last I dream

Please, let me serve you if I may...

I see..or at least I try to

look at what is left to gain

How my life has brilliance in the pain

How everything and every moment passes by

Another cuppa for the road to the bay ?

I know you don't keep good company

and I, myself, am a little rusty as such

I just want to be here

truly, I don't need much

Be careful 'ts hot, don't burn yourself now...

I feel at home without the fight

so please don't be shy to spend the night

tomorrow the sun sits high

on a new day, eyes peaceful in the sky

Would you like to try my homemade pie ?

All goes well again

time heals and helps us to stay sane

but you linger in my mouth

you latch onto my heart

tearing my soul apart

Maybe, 'ts time for you to depart

I guess I'll meet you sometime

at the crossroads and around the corners

be gentle with me when we do

I know not what lurks inside

So please... help me to find what I hide

The End

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