This is basically a poem, stating that if your depressed and need help with your life, there will always be someone here for you no matter what.

 Few wet tears roll down your face

You feel alone, so out of place

Just want to stay curled in a ball

Your head to rest upon the wall

You feel depressed, the fear inside

Gnaws at your chest, nowhere to hide

Is all you think and all you feel

You wish that life would not be real.


Help is always right here for you

To pick you up and clean you too

It lifts your chin and wipes your tears

And whispers quietly, "I'm here,

Don't feel scared, hopeless, or lost

I am here without a cost.

Come, take my hand, I'll lead you out

And show what happiness is all about."


At school there's some who bully you

Your home is sometimes messed up too

But don't give up, have faith in life

Help will get you through your strife.

Some days will feel so dark and grim,

Some like the walls are caving in.

Just don't forget, your friends are near

And optimism will be clear.


Then you'll start to smile again

Your hopes, your dreams, new life begins

You'll learn just how to face, defeat

The old thoughts of your mind and beat

All the horror, all the pain

And will dry up the dreary rain.

Just remember, whenever you call

Help will knock and catch your fall.

The End

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