I wrote this to share with everyone, in hopes no one thinks i'm insane afterwards, about a person. A simple yet complex creation my mind has made up. I see them everytime I feel alone, scared, sad, or somewhat empty. If you have any idea as to why maybe I see this person please share. I'm trying to understand.

Hello there,
I have seen you many times before,
but where from?
Was it in a dream?
Or a nightmare?
Was it when I was young and scared and would hide my face in my knees?
Was it when I saw my life flash before my eyes at only 18 months?
Or was it when I saw my life flash before my eyes at age 12?
Could it be you remeber me too?
Or have you always known me?
For now I say "Hello there."
For next time I will say "Hello....again."

The End

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