Hello StrangerMature

A poem to a stranger. This is oddly autobiographical.

 Hello stranger

It’s nice to see you again

Spending the time to update the image in my head

Overruling the dangerous thoughts from a fair-weather friend


Child of faith you seem to be

My eyes are closed to remember your heart on your sleeve

As you asked me to go to eat Chinese

I had a class then, and with the bleeding aneurysm of my lost opportunities I kicked my own ass.

Because I missed you


I don’t know you but I miss you


I remember sitting in a car with a driver I didn’t trust to drive me down to the mall

He took a wrong turn and circled the road, and took a whole hour

And called me old man when I told stories of my youth

Felt like such a outcast as he told me I was uncouth

Stranger am I a monster? Can you sleuth those facts and lead me to myself?


My friend you haven’t and won’t meet

Told me I was a irresponsible asshole

At last though I finally found my path so whatever

The final chorus of my grand anthem comes


I love a stranger I haven’t met but have still

Will your mind be open for my heart to creep in

Hello stranger

Its nice to see you again

I’ve lost all my unreal friends


I don’t know you but I miss you


Hello stranger.

The End

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