Hello, Stranger

Pretty self-explanatory.

Two ocean-blue windows,
With brown looking in;
Through them I can see
A young girl.
Her beauty stuns me
As I watch her
With a twinkle in my eyes
And a warmth in my heart.
She walks with grace,
And I watch as she moves, her body swaying slightly.
But then she screams, the sound breaking me from
My reverie,
A blood-curdling scream,
Too terrifying for my ears,
And I rush inside to find
Her body upon the floor,
A knife in her heart.
And I weep for her, this girl
Who I so longed to love.
In fear, I run
Far away from the house,
And I find the same girl about two blocks away
With a smile on her beautiful face.
"How are you," I ask her,
And she nods, "I'm fine,"
And smiles wider before walking away.
So which is the girl?
The one bleeding, close to death,
Or the one smiling, healthy, alive?
I guess I'll never

The End

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