Hello, Memories

Hello, my angel.

I wished you so well.

How is your life now, running from hell?

Hello, my demon.

I hated your ways.

Those damned crystal eyes and devouring grace.

Hello, my refuge.

You're saving me now.

In an apathy ocean it's easy to drown.

Hello, my answer,

my reason and light.

Give me your hand, pull me straight through the night.

Hello, my princess.

Your lies were so sweet.

Ripping and tearing me past incomplete.

Hello, my protectors.

You cant hear me now.

Screaming through spaces and making no sound.

Hello, my liar.

I trusted you, dear.

Breaking me down in the forest of fears.

Hello, my angel.

I wished you so well.

This is my life now, saving myself.

The End

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