Hello Dear

Its a letter from a woman to a man confessing that she is leaving everything behind and can now give her heart to him entirely.

Hello dear, I can hear you clearly as I see you

Feel your lips as I taste you

Feel your touch as I face you


Tonight am I allowed to miss your absence?

Pretend tonight there are no offences

As before I make my move I feel the suspense

Don’t get so tense dear


Hello dear, I am here to be completely honest

Greatly more than before

Not that before I had been dishonest

But today I pore

Everything before you


Hello dear, I been scared to love and adore you

Everything is fine there is no need to worry you

But here I am lying naked on the floor

Confessing statements, nothing compared to secrets

Nothing about any regrets


Hello dear, I am here now

Entirely for you

Hello, dear

I can love you now without fear

The End

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