Greeting those good - or, rather, bad - old things in life. Things that happen everyday, to so many different people, but usually, nobody cares. Sometimes, people do.

Hello, tears, hello, fears,
How are you today?
I know it's a silly question;
We just met yesterday.

Hello, corruption, hello, abduction,
I saw you yesterday.
On my television;
The news was stuck on replay.

Hello, fake, hello, mistake,
I see you every time
I walk around in school,
And things are never ever fine.

Hello, judgement, hello, arrogant,
Did you know, six hours ago
You paired up with my best friend
And really delivered a blow.

Hello, pain, hello, vain,
I often see you around.
In anything that moves
Or anything that makes a sound.

Hello, innocence, hello, brilliance,
Why are you so rare?
Why have you left me in this cruel world
Without a single care?

Hello, peace, hello, police,
Where have you gone now?
Crime spreading throughout the world,
Can we stop it? How?

Hello, virtue, hello, pursue,
Seems like you're never coming back.
But everybody's so lazy
They won't realize that.

Hello, breath, hello, death,
You really walk hand in hand.
Life is a cruel river
And nothing ever goes as planned.

The End

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