Hell on Earth

Twisted faces screaming out their prayers, the tears have long cooled into stone,

Blood is only for the living, we have already died.

The stains of forgotten, deceased emotions burn our skin and

Cut through to the bone, but we have faded into numbness, nothing hurts.


Angels spitting rains of blood and venom into the hearts of the living,

Their talons gouge the eyes from society, blind and lame, staggering into

Open graves, the gunshots ring out clean and glittering in the dark.


Fangs made of bullets, metal and gold, the blades of your knives rain down,

Impale us on the skeletons of demons, you worship anybody who has murdered

More than your dying nerves could stand.


The dogs cry out in the mist, they maul the survivors, broken ribs and bullet wounds,

Brainwashed worshippers of power and destruction, fall into the hell you made on earth.


The End

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