Hell and Heaven

I wrote this poem for people, especially for the people who get lost in life, like me. I used to walk on fire, sing under this earth, live among dark people. And now, I used my past experiences, turned them into words as you see below.

1st day…
I went west to find an answer
Albert Einstein came and said,
"You are made of space and time, my friend"
I had decided to stay for a change.
2nd day…
I went east to find the truth
For the question of Buddha that said,
"The universe is not always the same"
All will rust in the weather rains.
3rd day....
I went back to the father of Physicist
Who said, "The personal God doesn't exist”
These words shook and took me for a day
It made me to forget to pray the Christ.
From that day on…
Hundreds of questions come and go
Uncertain answers spin and flow
They change; they fade in my many stores
I don't know which one to pick from the whole.
It took me two years to adjust my thought
By tried to forget the old days to change
I prayed and prayed to meet a Saint
Then, I found the absolute faith in my own way.
Let me share you the thing I said
Life is not just an excited game
We eat, we live, we work and we harvest
But it isn't just to survive and then, fade away.
Just like the words as Buddha said,
“We can't control the Lord of Death”
It smells it stinks; it'll ruin our whole life
But we can stay away from hell, for heaven.

The End

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