A beggar's wise words.

Death is only what you make of him,

He's not picky and does not care,

If you work for him all is good,

Otherwise your ending is despair.

One day the devil met with Death,

And both of them shook hands,

Have no mercy on the humans,

And drain away the sands.

That moment they both agreed,

To do their very best,

To take away man's hope,

And put weight upon his chest.

From that time humans have suffered,

And death is just part of life,

Be it friend or family,

Dog, girl or wife.

However if you truly believe,

That Death is ever so small,

Then hope still remains,

And your demise is stalled.

For in life you make choices,

No matter what they be,

For man can be good and evil,

And chose what he sees.

I am just a poor beggar,

No hope but I can tell,

Depending on how you live your life,

You may be spared from hell.

The End

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