Helena, MT

A work written after passing through the capital of Montana.

Ride into clear blue.

Folds of hills open,

every direction.

Impactful footprint, the glacier pit.


Here the seagulls,

cling to parking lots.

Ravens work dumpsters.

Antelope harbor the outskirts of town.

Elk weary from the mountaintops.

Deer travel in and out as they please.

Cats seen on all the streets.

And every house,

is protected,

by a dog.



after block.

Repetition, the same last.

Stinging smells of exhaust,

ears filled with idling cars.

Signs and symbols.

Flood your brain, every moment moved.

Flashing colors in the daylight,

even brighter in the dark.

Great sea waves flood in and out,

interstate lint, floating in the wind.

Leave this desolate,



Seek your next,





Mountains shrink back,

unamused by travel.

Outward, westward,

remember what you left behind.


The End

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