My heart’s not the only thing getting heavy

It’s started with a blissful ache, and a little tremble

Crossing into the full moon light beam

Tasting your tongue, so sweet

The warmth from you in-between us is undeniable

Remarkable, how you can draw me in with one touch

Your lips travel away from mine, grazing my neck

Your cool hands outline and caress every inch of me

Now all I want to do is be close to you, hear your heat beat

The mind-blowing synchronization of our bodies

How you can make a bright spark burst into flames

The musk of your skin colliding with mine

Your nails gentling grazing my arms and neck lure me to you

You own me tonight, but you already know that

Unfreeze me from hatred inside, you changed what I hated being

I love how you pull me back from their yanking from your grasp

The embrace of your arms makes me proud of every mark on my body

I’ll wear every bite and bruise proudly but only for us

You’ve made me into me

I’m proud to have you in my cuddle

My heart’s not the only thing getting heavy

So is the love I have for you

The End

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