heavens gatesMature

Every breath I breathe out
I find myself gasping, praying, for my next one.
Hopeing that I have enough strength to breath again,
Enough strength, to spew these words
That I have been longing to express to you
So you know how you make me feel
Before I head to the white light
Before I walk these stairs to heavens gate.
One last breath and I whisper
"I love you"
Theres a dead silence
And I have been taken to the white light
So harmless, painless a relief
As a tear streams down your cheek
You were so fucking oblivious to see the signs
You sit at my bedside
As my body becomes stiff and lifeless
You lean over gracing your hand
Across my cold pale cheek
You look at me and think how beautiful I am
You whisper into my ear
"I love you to and always will I soon will join you at heavens gates baby"
One last tear drops down your face
Landing on my blue cold lips.
And is a sign of goodbye.

The End

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