Kiss my imagination tonight, sweetheart
I've never seen such a two.
Dreams in ecstasy, every morn
And here we stand, so true.

I give you everything I've got;
One balled up kiss. And throw
A lullaby that rules the clouds
And smiles that always glow

For the 70 so years that we've been here
And the laughter we have rolled
You shall forever be my joy;
And be my pure sweet gold.

A tingling kiss that drains my thoughts
And leaves me open to you
An embrace that plucks my very heartstrings
And the darkest nights pull through.

Speak me out in tongues ablaze
Our words can light the sky
I follow your love to the very end
These hearts will never die

We breathe and breathe, still close as life
And holding hands, we fly
You are as sweet as the sun is bright
For you I'd make Hell high.

Your neck draws me softly in
Your shoulders grasp my sight
You are the beauty I will always love
The dawn that cuts my night. 

Full of zest and full of joy
You're the meaning of every day 
I love you till we both cave in
And until then I will stay. 

I love you dear, my sweetest one.
My everything-at-once,
I'll always love you every day
You are my soul's essence 

The End

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