Heaven- or jail?

I was there, on that ground,

Screwing up my life.

As you watched, my body crumbled,

I broke your heart, my wife.


2 years on, your on your own,

As I look down on you.

You follow in my footsteps now,

As you normally do,

But here I am, up these stairs,

Im crying, ill admit, its true.


I hate myself with all my heart,

The same one that no longer beats.

Your death, it seems is inevitable,

And soon I know, we will meet.


Its time my love,

You have grown far too frail.

But still you hold on in all this pain,

I cringe at your every wail.

I destroyed you and thats why I know,

Heaven is not all that great.

In fact, I think that:


Heaven is Jail.


The End

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