heaven is my place.

mystical knowledge was sent from above.

no one has found me. i am lust and out of love.

archangels protect me, be faithful and true.

help me become a good lover like turtle doves do.

im seeking for giudes. i am seeking beyond.

i am here all in silence in silence forgot.

i fought for glory. i fought for grace.

look forward  in timeless showing Gods faith.

visit me some day. i am humble, and full of glow.

forget all your problems breath in and let go.

always remember the breath of my kiss.

wispers in silence. the snow of christmas.

soon i will blossom into a beautiful life.

so that all that can see me, will love at first sight.

after my body. i enter my soul. forever in harmony, in

heaven that we know. remember my essence. the tree singing

turtle doves. inscribed in the book of endless love.

i will always be with you. always in heart.

for i flow freely so freely like noahs ark.

The End

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