How to Draw a Heart

Rediscovering my soul in ink
Learning to feel, forgetting to think.

atomic heart, do you hear me?
river soul and bloodless scythes
darkness collapsed and moths inside
the riddle of a riddle of a love in tides of 

blossom heart, can you hear me?
I'm seeking you next to me; open artery
of earthquake symmetry and I can't see
the echo of an echo of a love in tides of 

Windswept monument; a pretense ego
a weathered birth and caustic nerve
withering roots within the starless sky -
can you dream me into two?

And if I set myself on fire, just what will you do?
Watching me melt away. I've got nothing to lose. 

Yeah, watching you watching me.
No, I've got nothing to lose.

The End

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