My heart tease girl…
Smirking along!
Playing a song,
which simply I can hear…

Spiking my thoughts,
every time she comes near.

She is well-known to what she means to me.
But shows me my importance…
 in more than one means!

Insignificant of my significance.

She’ll smile her smile,
And make me pause.


The stuff,
She is keen to hear…
She'll make me say again.

Acting! As if she's never heard them from me.

Be it her name,
which means life to me.

the questions that she won’t respond
nevertheless gleam.

There is nothing I don't love about her.
Her unbelievable ways of being abnormally gorgeous,
Her entrancingly enticing eyes…
The captivating mole,
Which is going on a date with me in June.

 The perfect hairs which look lovelier in disarray,
And make me want to become her cafuner.


Even the semi smile kills me.

Oh her tender lips!
You know what her complete smile does to me.
The way she rolls her eyes with the eyelids shut …
The adorable way she nods,
 I could just embrace her.

And in no way assent to a goodbye.


The hush between us with citizens around…
Proves to me that love needs no sound.

To propagate.

The waves,
Just get transmitted to the other person..
Who needs the will,
To receive.

The will called love.

The way she gets cross with me…
Only makes me collapse,
bottomlessly in love,
With her!

And then she’ll say sorry,
but I will say I love her.

 And then she will say,
She loves me too.
But it's her fault.

And that should not do this to me.
But I repeat,
That’s what I love the most!

My heart tease girl,
strikes those chords of my harp;
which I never knew of  before!
And then she will smile and say,
there is nothing I did.

It’s you who is crazy!

 Aren’t you guilty of driving me crazy jaan?

And I tend to live in this craziness,
for as long as you will you let me to.

And if you won’t,
 Will you bring me out of it?

My heart ease girl, all I know is...
You love me and I love you too.

We are here to stay.

To compliment me and you,
in ways ‘No one’ ever did.


The End

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