hearts wings

this is somebody who want others to know who they are and that they aren't who others think they are they want to be free

Hear silence in my heart

The dark abyss will never break apart

But I mustn't fall

I must stand tall

The words, they choke up my soul

Climb in my mind

Trying to change me

But I shall keep who I am

These wings, I will forgive

For they gave me the freedom to

Go on and on again, I won't forget when

You gently touched these wings of mine and said

I don't care, I don't care anymore

Then I felt

I am free

Free of all these obstacles

I won't feel the hurt anymore

I was healed by your love

I remember when I kept my self in the dark

Now my heart has set the ribbons, of release

And the abyss has closed

The End

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