Hearts of Fire

It's another political piece, about how certain recent events have ignited the liberation of broken countries, and how, it may one day spread and true freedom may exist

Hearts set on fire

The smouldering corpses shall ignite something greater

Fuelled by the truth, guided by electricity

A new dawn, shall unleash the wrath of a country


Voices gather, collective and united as one

The fat plunderer sitting upon his throne

Break the blockade, shatter the curfew

The false king hounded from his home


Battles shall rage in the coming days

But the truth is greater than any god

A new world, created by a crooked man

Finally the common mind shall understand


Celebrations continue, freedom and liberty

But the ghosts refuse to die

They refuse to let go of what is not theirs

But under the heat and fury of stares

The legacy of pain shall crumble once and for all


Shockwaves around the world

And more hearts shall become ablaze

The crooked man smiles in his cage

His power is the catalyst of new days





The truths now known, shall set us all free

Unite, but not lead by a single man

Repeating the lessons of history

Taking what he can


No more, We will reject this political charade

Refuse to see the fat kings on parade

Oil and gold will not corrupt our souls

The truth shall be known

The tears of heaven shall cascade

The End

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