This is a poem that has been knocking around inside my head for a while, and I've finally gotten around to writing it down. Constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated :D

It’s funny,

The way heartbreak is represented

The loveheart shape, snapping in two

As if it was on a hinge.


But heartbreak,

real heartbreak is different.




Your heart is comprised of muscle.



And ripping that apart isn’t easy.

But it does happen.


It’s messy, bloody and agonizing

But it does happen.


Muscle torn from muscle,

Flesh ripped apart,


It doesn’t happen easily.

But it does happen.


And once it does,

Once the flesh has been torn,

There is no repairing it,

Not really.

You can stitch your heart back up, sure

Allow the tears to heal.

But the scars will remain.

And long long after

The stitches have been removed,

You will give your heart to someone else,

And they will see the scars.

And all you’ve got to do,

Is hope they don’t add any more.

The End

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