One third of day and dark nights,  I was there

I wanted so much to open the suitcase

Pull out the memories of him

Set of photos in the corner, impressions

He was shaken

Very eccentric

I knew deep down it was the right thing


Authentic, intense

A genuine smile that denoted potential

Inheritors could be heard singing in Cardiff

I should be singing my allegiances

To the Professor who is running the brothel

Despite the officials he was the heartbeat of the training ground


I'll leave them to draw their own conclusions

Traumatic fantasies

He crossed the line


She was a troubled soul

They went in and out of the house

I didn't realise they were going to be there

The building blocks

An iconic clock on the wall

The number of possible clients

A million visitors to St Pauls

All snapped up by Big ben

Mr Bradley was adamant

We don't mind,  but they've had enough

There is no room

The school locker is fit to bursting

They're diplaced as was I


The world moved on

More intelligent

A huge honour

There is currently nobody standing in their way

The couple married

Always there for you

Portraits painful

But over time she'll be in the stands cheering for her man


Linked to the surge of recession

Why couldn't you have gone out with Mr Carter

She jokingly looked thrilled again and overturned the stand

Well there's a thing

Nocturnal sky

Must I end the maiden season

In the myth fish are in similar hefty proportions in an elegant dhow

After dark, coughing molten rock

An easy thing to love

Brave or crazy it spews it up after three thousand years


A little boat takes us into the night

Where the world is scorched in charcoal ink

Emotional infidelity clothed in Bury station

The streets impassable as the population of the Galapogos Islands

Delighted to go on a new expedition


Eagerly awaiting a mythical memory

She was sitting their all on her own

A farmhouse, a slaughtered beast roasting on a spit

Above a blazing fire while mudbaths linger in the south

How ambitious

Complete silence and stench of rotten eggs

Very little verbal communication

No physical contact

There could be hundreds of thousands of birds

I knew from my youth human beings are capable of romantic dalliances


She said "You have so much more than me"  You dine on words

And I am sunk without a trace

Her dad was from Filicudi in the west

Future: Over time they got it back on track

Where bare hooks and chains once secured what they valued most

A mournful testament to happier times

Now she is nobodys saviour.










The End

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