Heart VirusMature

Sometimes I feel crazy
I feel sick
I feel confused
I feel detached

Why do I have these bouts of sadness?
What's wrong with me?
Who's fault is it?
Is it my own?

Is it because I miss you?
Is it because I worry about you?
Is it because my feelings are changing?
Are you being phased out?

I really have no idea
Pain and sorrow exchange places with
Joy and Happiness in the blink of an eye
And I still have no idea why

Do you have as much trouble as I do?
Are you getting along just fine?
Do you wonder if I hurt?
Do you wonder if I am down?

God, I feel so lost
Lord, I feel frozen
I need a savior
I need some warmth

If I could, I would damn my own introspection to the firey depths of Hell.
It does nothing but torment me now.

This all seemed like such a good plan
Now look at what it's done.

And do you ever wonder
Just how sick I am?

The End

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