Heart Shaped Cell

Scratch in the earth, pocket deceit in it’s skin,
Tear away, come apart, become a stronger man,
And above me let my sins float, like a halo,
My ribs, concave, my splintered heart forms a cell,
Your friendship was just a blistered façade,
Scarred from all your pain.

Between the heaven and here,
I’ve become a paper plane,
Torn into the wind,
Like a twinkling twilight flame.

So throw me away, into the fire,
disappear in smoke and hidden desire,
Dark coals, embers crisp within my rib cage,
Destruction, desperate, tore out the first page,
Dedication, fate, coagulation of my mind,
If I am stunned in disguise, 
If I am broken inside,
If you have ever lied,
Make sure you never live to tell the tale 
Of how you betrayed me so.

The End

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