There were days when my mind would just blank out,
From the simple sight of you,
Days when I'd totally just forget what I was doing,
When I'd hear your voice.
And then...
The days I couldn't stop smiling,
Because every conversation we'd have would just be...

The days when I thought I was in love with you...
Just made my mind go, woo hoo!
I never understood what it was that made me think...
You were so goddamn perfect.
I'd stop breathing when you'd walk by.
You'd be the death of me....
If I still felt THAT way.

I swear...
I was gone.
I was somebody else, nobody recognized.
I swear I was in love with you,
With that stupid smirk on my face.
Like I was planning to do something bad,
Almost like ruining your life.
Just for fun.


I think they're right.
"It's always the quiet ones"

But I'm not so quiet anymore.

"She wants to touch me, woo hoo. She wants to love me, woo hoo. She'll never leave me, woo hoo."
- Dont Trust Me by 3OH!3

The End

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