I saw you pass me by at a quarter past 4 a.m,
It was then I realized, you were the one I've been waiting for,
I know you think it's impossible,
But, all I really want to tell you is: "You're incredibly Irresistible."

I followed you home the 2nd time I saw you,
I know you saw me too.
At first, I thought I was getting to the point of being mentally unstable,
But when you left your front door unlocked,
I knew I wasn't the only one.
Sneaking into your room,
My heart was going:
Boom, Boom, Boom.

You weren't in your bed,
Then I heard the door behind me close,
Turning around,
You grabbed me and slammed me against the door,
Your lips slammed onto mine.
You tasted like...Something I've never tasted before.
And I could hel but feel totally, addicted.

Now, we're laying in each others arms,
"I love you, Babe." you whisper,
I smile and say, "Ditto."
And we fall asleep with smiles on both our faces

The End

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